Entry #1

Want some suggestion?

2007-12-02 11:05:17 by khote

if u need any help in creating animation
drop me a private message anytime.
u are welcome.


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2007-12-03 12:18:14

What kind of animation you want to do?
Flash sprite animations???

khote responds:

ya u are right my frnd.
i am goona create flash sprite animations
well my sketches are not bad to create
other kind of animation well thanks to comments
so when u are planning to outcome ur TUPT.


2007-12-05 02:52:45

want suggestion.......!!!!!!!!
i think you need suggestion from others......
i think you dont have any knowledge in sprite animation
. as i have describe in above line that u dont have any knowledge in sprite and graphic

and dont try to suggest others

you need to improve your skill

because ur banner is just like copy paste of sprite

try photoshop

and make banner like proxi and trixiaoyu and bhograj too

try some

as like me

khote responds:

ya i mean if u want any suggestion? is it all right.
i think u should join an English Speaking Course
from some institute. I can recommend u one.
British School of Language will be a better place
for the guys like u .
I found many mistakes in ur comment.
I think u should learn how to give a good review.
I think Trixiaoyu can help u better.
Well, ur thinking is wrong u should better look at ny user image and banner
one more time but this time watch it concentrating urself on it i
think it will make u feel ur mistake.
I think suggestion is a better way to find mistakes in urself
and imoprove urself, also it's a good way to make the advisor understand
his skills.
if u think my skills are not improved than i can suggest u to watch my
upcoming animation.
Well for ur next query i would like to say that only my banner define me better
than other animatiors. That why i used sprites on it so that anyone who watch it
can understand that what kind of animator(sprite) I am.
well i think u have not concentrated on my user image it is full of
Photoshop Effects. U can see a little bit of Photoshop in my banner also.
well I think that u are from India because I can understand that Proxi and Trixi
are emo for u. Because I think they deserve it . But why are u supporting
the dude Bhograj a newcomer in sprite animation I belongs to Japan.
I don't want to comment on him. May be he is a good animatior.
But u should not forget that no one is Best.
I didn't understand ur last line "try some as like me"
better remember my recommendation for BSL. for speaking course.
Hope i will listen more from u homie.


2007-12-05 03:30:12

some thing is burning gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
empty vessels make noise

you are person who belive in giving suggestion
well give suggestion....
because you can give better suggestion as compare of making animation
i dont care that u belong to japan or any other country
i only know that u give better suggestion only
you write that (((i have used little bit of Photoshop in my banner also))) but my friend
little knowledge is dangerous thing
well it will deside by all newground users when they blam your animation
i will be waiting for that moment when your blam animation will release out
well my emo trixiaoyu soon release his blastin animation and try to learn
some thing form that animation
your well wisher
and dont try to give suggestion

(Updated ) khote responds:

well my friend u are making me laugh.
Because the right proverb is

"Empty vessel sounds much"

but i liked the way u represent it in front of me.
i think u have not read the previous respond to
ur comment about the Term 'Suggestion'
Better read it again.
u are right or wrong this will be decided by my animation.
ok, U are not interested in my nationality. no problem because its ur
i know that little knowledge is a dangerous thing but i myself used a little
Photoshop in my banner. It doesn't imply to the proverb. you wrongly used it.
because u don't have clue that I have a little knowledge of Photoshop.
Learn more proverbs it will make others understand ur thinking.
And at last i will suggest u that don't stop giving comment u are the funniest guy i have ever found on newground.
u are a good entertainer don't leave newgrounds.


2007-12-05 11:22:13

You suck balls.

khote responds:

i think ur mom need two balls in her mouth.
tell me when to place them in her mouth.


2007-12-05 13:14:59

Now I need a little break, man...
I think in one moth it'll be released.

Well if you need some stuff for flash, like sounds, special effects etc...
Just PM me :)
Have you got MSN adress?

khote responds:

no thanks.